The Leadership Team would like your input for the rewriting of Abbey Way's vision, mission and values statements. Each section is submitted separately giving you the option to fill out all three at once or at different times.

Here are the three documents you will need as you respond to the questions. Do not click through to the documents below until you are instructed. : )

 Vision Statement 2017

Mission Statement 2017

Relational Covenant 2017

Part One: Values Statements  

Core values are the "constant, passionate, biblical core beliefs that drive the ministry of the church."

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Part Two: Mission Statement  

Watch Danny Martinez (Superintendent of the Central Conference) video.

       *Start at 13:06 (although the worship at the beginning is great as well!) 

A mission statement is a "broad, brief, biblical statement of what the ministry exists to do." It serves as a planning and directional statement for AWCC which is also used to communicate what we are about to those inside and outside the church.

An example of a mission statement from LitKnit is: OUR MISSION: CONNECTING NEIGHBORS WITH CRAFT AND LITERATURE.

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Part Three: Vision Statement  

A vision statement is a "clear and challenging picture (snapshot) of the future of the ministry as we believe it can and must be." It communicates where we believe God is leading us a church.

An example of a possible vision statement for LitKnit would be: We seek to establish five more self sustaining LitKnit circles in the next five years.

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Thanks so much for your valued input!