Look upon us gently, Lord, for waiting is not our forte.

So many other things are...

things like moving ahead,

fixing what's wrong, planning what's next,

diagnosing the problem,

cramming more into a day than one person can possibly do before the sun goes down.

But waiting...

when we are waiting for the light to shine,

when we are waiting for a wound to heal,

nothing in all the world is harder than waiting.

So, in your mercy, Lord, wait with us.

Be our very present help in waiting. Heal our frenzy.

Calm our fears.

Comfort those who at this very minute

are with every anxious breath and thought waiting for they know-not-what.

Transform our in-the-meantime into your time,

while we wait with each other, sit with each other,

pray each other into hope, surrounded by your presence,

even in the darkness.

Especially in the darkness.