Sunday, August 3, 2008

We asked for community . . .
this, too, is community.

And warfare.

Give us the wisdom and courage and stamina
to close ranks and do battle.

Some blossom in trials.

Others long to retreat to supposed safety and quiet.

No one wants to hurt . . . for themselves or others.

We want to celebrate . . . anniversaries, graduations, births . . . but pain?

Yet one does not come without the other.

We cannot play and not work.

We cannot simply receive and not give back.

This is community.

The parties in the mansion on the hill,
and the garbage dump on the other side of the tracks.

The laughter . . . and the sobs.

Alone time and sharing.

Feast and famine.

Lagging behind, catching up, growing together.

For richer, for poorer.

As one we stand in Your authority and fullness
in spite of what our eyes behold and our hearts feel.

We do all in the shadow of the cross,
the bright light of Your resurrection,
and the clear hope of Your ascension.

We walk together in Your authority,
and treasure Your comfort and strength.

You formed us, each one, Lord.

You gathered us together.

Complete our leavening into a community that looks like You . . .
            centered in God,            
            in search of higher things.” (RB, p.138)


An original prayer by Ardie.

All rights reserved.