Brenton and Missy


Take a listen to our new Lenten Blessing Song with music by Brenton Haack.

Lenten DoxaSoma

DoxaSoma® is a physical practice which incorporates elements of stretching and strength building with prayer, worship and reflection upon the Word of God.

A Lenten DoxaSoma series will be held on Tuesday evenings: February 28, March 6, 13, 20, 27, and April 3 in Elim’s Kids’ Park.

Doors open at 6:15. We will start at 6:30; end by 8:30.

Invite your friends.

Only equipment needed are a sticky mat, water bottle, and comfortable clothing.

Freewill offering accepted.

Questions? Feel free to ask.

O Antiphons

Join us in the ancient tradition of reflection on the O Antiphons these last seven days before Christmas.

Living Hospitality

Read about Abbey Way’s outreach activities this summer in Logan Park.


Hospitality is a hallmark of Abbey Way. This past Sunday Lisa LeMay preached on this theme as part of our Summer Series. Dave Wenell, another Abbey Way-er, writes on his blog his reflections on Receiving the Stranger.

Joseph's Song

Here’s a freshly written song by our own Brenton Haack (aka worship guy). Enjoy!

Words of Wisdom

For those who have been around Abbey Way a while, you know we have been shaped by The Rule of St. Benedict. While we are not monastic in the strict sense, we have chosen to lean into the 1500 year old Benedictine tradition that pushes and pulls at our American cultural understanding of “church” and gives to us a unique way of living the Gospel together. 

Here is a link to video explaining Benedictine Community life from two who know monastic life well—the Abbott of St. John’s Abbey and the Abbess of St. Benedict’s Monastery. It is a good introduction to the core values that have formed us a church community. Listen well. There are words here we need to remember and embrace.

Up on a Mountain

The music of the band The Welcome Wagon has enlarged our musical vocabulary in the past months. Here is a video of a song we heard as a response to the sermon on Jesus in the Garden.

Old and New Texts Exhibited

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the St. John’s Bible join in a happy marriage of history taking and beauty making at the Minnesota Science Museum this March. They will be on exhibit together for the first time ever.

For more information, click the press release below.

Simple Steps

We got a message from Domonic yesterday, his aunt Mai Moui was found. He didn't give any details but said that she was unharmed. He wanted to thank us for passing out the 'Missing Flyers' in our neighborhood.

Ever since Saturday's gathering to pray and dream together about Abbey Way's future, I feel as though my mind has been in overdrive with new ideas/dreams of how to serve in our neighborhood and a genuine longing to get out there. I do tend to be an idea person but the desire God has put in my heart is something I haven't experienced quite like this before. I have been overwhelmed a little by to many ideas and decided to pray that God would show me(us) simple and obvious ways to get involved with our neighbors.

When the kids and I were sitting on our front step on Tuesday, Domonic and his family were passing out flyers all down our road. The woman who came to our door had a big pile of them and she was obviously very worried. To help them was simple and obvious, an answer to the prayer.

It was awesome to see our little AW team assemble (5 adults and 7 kids). We split up AW style (adult/child) and within an hour and a half had passed 175 flyers. The kids were so excited. I was with little M for a while, we had a system. I would fold on the sidewalk and she would run up to each mailbox and distribute. On the way back from the house she would run past me, grab a new one, and yell "next one." One time she handed one to a woman cleaning outside her house. The woman said 'Thank You.' This inspired M! She shouted "Did you hear her Steph? She said 'Thank You!' It's just so fun to do good things!." Wow.

Seven year old E has been telling her mom about her new friend Wang at school. It turns out that Wang is the grandson of Mai Moui. E put it together after Wang had talked about his grandmother that was missing. I wonder how this might have felt to Wang, knowing that his friend E was trying to help find his grama? I felt God saying to me this morning that I just need to be present to His simple suggestions, that He is in control of the overall complex plan. I am so excited about what God is doing at AW, and how He might work through our simple steps forward as a community of service.

It's spring. You know what they say.... April showers bring May flowers!

Campolo Speaks on the Economic Crisis

Dr. Tony Campolo spoke at North Park University about our current economic crisis in light of the Kingdom.

“It is about time we face up to the positive sides of the collapse of the system . . . for the first time, the Church and Christian people have an opportunity to re-evaluate themselves and see where their real values are and what’s really important to them."

"'‘Choose ye this day whom you will serve, for no man,’ said Jesus, ‘no woman can serve two masters.’ Either you’re going to serve God or you’re going to serve . . . the system. Choose ye this day where you’re going to invest your lives,” Campolo challenged the students. “It doesn’t make sense to do anything else with your life except to invest your life and your resources in the work of God and the work of his kingdom.”

Read and listen to more here...

Ash Wednesday Prayer

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.


Let us acknowledge our mortality before You and others.

Let us live as though this day mattered.

Let us die knowing you hold all our moments in Your hands.

Let these ashes remind us that resurrection life is found only in You.


Humility Prayer

Lord, help us be honest about who we are,

So we may come to know You more.

Lord, help us recognize Your presence in our lives,

So we can become matured, ripened, whole.

~ Adapted from the Rule of Benedict, Chapter 7: "Humility"