Eastertide SUNDAYS

During Eastertide we will begin with our rotations, followed by worship, then share our meal, moving from our corporate focus on God to an outflow of fellowship with one another. 

Children will be in age appropriate learning environments during most of worship, joining the community for communion.

A typical "Eastertide" evening schedule is:

3:45. Porter at Back Door 

4:00. Arrival

4:05. Welcoming Prayer and Greeting of Guests

4:10. Set Up Together

4:20. Sing Blessing Meal Song / Share in a Meal

4:50. Announcements

5:00. Reset for Dessert

5:10. Transition to One of Three Rotations

5:15. Rotations for Youth and Adults / Children in Learning Environments

5:55. Transition to Worship

6:00. Worship in Chapel / Everyone Together

6:45. Dessert

7:15. Clean up Together

7:30. Dismissal


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