The Minnesota Church Center (MCC) Refugee Services is constantly trying to help new refugee families set up housekeeping for life in Minneapolis In June 2014,  seventy-four new refugees will arrive here from various countries of the world. In the next two weeks alone, sixty-six will arrive. The average time that these refugees have spent waiting in camps is two years. These people come with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The MCC will find them apartments, changes of clothing, and all vital housekeeping supplies.  After that comes the job of educating them as to health care, bus routes, language acquisition, etc. The need is great. 

Can you help? They will accept new or clean, used items.

Particular critical needs of the moment are:

     -Cooking pots and pans 
     -Baking pans
     -Dishes/cereal bowls
     -Serving bows/trays
     -Sheets (twin/full/queen)
     -Blankets and comforters (any size)
     -Toothpaste, deodorant, and toilet paper

Larger items are also needed - but storage space is extremely limited. See the Minnesota Churches Information list for more information.

If you DO have something to share, you may contact Kristine at: kristine.bjerkaasfriesen (at)