Join us this year for a celebration of Christ's light and love on Sunday, December 28 with the fun and festive British tradition of Christingle making.


4:00 pm. Opening Prayer

4:15 pm. Crock Pot Pot Luck (Sign up to bring a food item at church during the Sundays of Advent)

5:00 pm. Making of Christingles

Christinglmeans Christ-Light,
the Orange represents the World,
the four toothpicks portray the Four Seasons.
the Fruits and the Sweets illustrate God's love in providing the fruits of the earth,
the Red Ribbon depicts the blood of Christ,
and the Lighted Candle symbolises Jesus Christ, the Light of the World.

Bring one orange for each member of your household along with a handful of whole cloves and either one cup of dry fruit or gumdrops to share. Candles, toothpicks and ribbons will be provided. 

5:30 pm. Christingle Worship Service with Communion

6:30 pm. Dessert - Bring a small sampling plate of your favorite family dessert.

Let us know if you are coming.