We need volunteers to greet people before church at the back door.

You'll be scheduled to porter once every other month. Porters need to be at the door by about 3:45pm. The Porter role is open to adults only. (One Youth or child can assist when an adult is present at the door). The porter will staff the door, greet visitors and make sure they are connected with their host for the evening.

Please prayerfully consider serving the community in this way. Contact Denise or Heather if you are willing to help with this.                                              

CHAPTER LXVI - Of the Porter of the Monastery

Let a wise old (person) be placed at the door of the monastery, one who knows how to take and give an answer, and whose mature age does not permit him or her to stray about.

The porter should have a cell near the door, that they who come may always find one present from whom they may obtain an answer. As soon as anyone knocks or a poor person calls, let him or her answer, "Thanks be to God," or invoke a blessing, and with the meekness of the fear of God let him or her return an answer speedily in the fervor of charity. If the porter has need of assistance, let him or her have a younger brother or sister.

From Chapter 66, The Holy Rule of St. Benedict, The 1949 Edition, Translated by Rev. Boniface Verheyen, OSB and adapted for Abbey Way.