Purpose: To help kid’s store up God’s words in their hearts.

On the first and third Sundays of the month Kid’s Chapel will have two stations that will promote and encourage kids in the memorization of the books of the Bible and Bible verses. There is no obligation that the kids participate in them; but they will be encouraged to.

The stations have multiple ways to help and promote memorization in an active and enjoyable manner. The Kid’s Chapel leaders are always available to help the kids in any way to succeed in their learning.

Once a child has memorized the books of the Bible, they will receive a Tootsie Roll Pop. They will be instructed to wait to have it until they have their parent’s permission.

As to memory verses, there will be a 5 verses and 10 verses bucket from which they might choose a prize. If a child decides they want a 10 verse prize, then they will continue memorizing past 5 until they have 10 memorized.

We will be keeping track of the verses memorized in the kid’s Kid’s Chapel Journals. At the end of their Kid’s Chapel time; the kids will have a complete list of all their memorized verses.

Kid’s Chapel welcomes donations for their 5 & 10 verses prize buckets from the community.