Every year the 2PAC (2nd Precinct Advisory Council,) a group of NE residents who are interested and supportive of Minneapolis Police Officers provide a dinner on Christmas Eve from noon to midnight for all those officers working. It starts out with 2nd Precinct and expands to all of the officers on and usually ends up including EMS and Fire fighters as well.

2PAC gets donations from restaurants, business and individuals to provide the food for the dinner. I was at the latest meeting and volunteered to bring some cookies, which I plan on doing, and I thought this would be a great way for Abbey Way to show care for and involvement with our neighborhood and those that work to keep the area safe. 

My part is I am willing to make my cookies and deliver others if they would like. I am planning on delivering mine on Dec 21st, so if you can make arrangements to get them to me before that it would be great. I am making cookies, if you have another dessert that you would like to make let me know. 

Any questions let me know. 

John LeMay