Advent is special time at Abbey Way. It is a season of holy reflection where we enter reflectively into the waiting time for Jesus’ coming both as a baby and as a King.

This year you are invited to reflect on one of the O AntiphonsThe O Antiphons are Old Testament images of Christ mainly taken from the prophet Isaiah. They are usually communally chanted the last week of Advent in monastic communities. 

The O Antiphons include seven titles attributed to Jesus. They include:

Sapentia - Wisdom   

Adonai - Ruler of the House of Israel

Radix - Root of Jesse

Clavis - Key of David  

Oriens - Rising Dawn - Dayspring

Rex - King of the Gentiles


In Latin the initials of the titles make an acrostic which, when read backwards. means: "Tomorrow I will be there" ("Ero cras"). 

Do your best to honor the words of the antiphon chosen. Use either the words from Brenton's song or a verse from "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."

The completed prayer stations need to be brought to Abbey Way on or before Sunday, December 2. 

Since there are many copyright limitations for most of the resources that would be readily available to us on the internet, please use your own creativity. The sky is the limit. Any media can be used: collage, diorama, photography, print, quilting, batik, symbol, sculpture, painting, drawing, etc. You can do a modern or literal interpretation of the O Antiphon.

The artwork needs to be portable and sturdy enough to be pack able. Each station should be big enough to be seen but not so large it cannot be stored easily.

It is also needs to be kid-friendly since our children will be viewing the stations.

You will be responsible to put your station up and take it down each week. You are free to take your station home on Christmas Eve after worship.

Please include the words of the O Antiphon,  along with any prayer, poem, question, scripture passage or description that will help the viewer interact reflectively with your prayer station.

We invite our children and youth to also participate—families can even do a station together. You are asked everyone works towards creating a station that depicts the feeling of waiting and longing from the biblical perspective. 

Remember the stations are NOT about the Christmas story. 

Let me know what O Antiphon you would like to do. It would be best if all seven O Antiphons were claimed before we repeat them.