Common Practices
“As soon as we attempt to engage with something beyond the surface appearance of things, we realize that we will have to acknowledge that we ourselves are more than the surface we present each day to the people around us.” –-Crossings, 36

Shared Rhythms
“For we need to remind ourselves of this very basic and very modest fact we are essentially rhythmic creatures, and the life needs this rhythm and balance if it is to be consistently good and not drain from us the precious possibility of being and becoming our whole selves.” —Seeking God, 93

Intentional Relationships
“Love is the driving force in the monk’s life, and the community is there to sustain him in his love for God and to give him the chance to realize it effectively in loving and being loved by his brethren.”—St. Benedict

The five circles of relational connection and spiritual nurture at Abbey Way are:

Sunday Gathering (four/five times a month)

Chapter House (twice a month)

Spiritual Direction Groups (once a month)

Ministry/Mission/Service (at least once a quarter)

Community Retreat (once a year) 


Stability—Willing to be still
Stability creates an environment to grow and mature, rooting us deeply within and without, through endurance and perseverance, with a particular community and location.

Transformation—Willing to change (Conversatio morum)
Together we share a commitment to continued growth and change: to faithfully as individuals and a community answer Christ’s call to “come and follow.”

Obedience—Willing to listen
The heart of obedience is the word listen. We choose as individuals and a community, to listen to God and to each other, honestly and openly engaging in relationship, willing to submit ourselves in humility to each other and the values and practices of the community in Christ’s name.