As Jesus ascended to the Father, he left an instruction to his followers.

“Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about.”

The disciples, obeying his instruction, stayed in Jerusalem as a gathered community to pray together, waiting for the fulfillment of the gift the Father has promised.

The ten days before Pentecost Sunday mark a particular turn in the life of the church to prayer.

I have always been encouraged by the early disciples willingness to pray until…They did not know what would happen yet they did not stop. They did not waver.

As we continue to find ways to prayerfully proceed as a church body this year, I think it is important to let the Book of Acts experience call us to new ways of thinking about prayer and its importance in our life together.

This year I invite you to set apart ten days beginning on Thursday, June 2 and ending with Pentecost Sunday on June 12th, for specific and intentional prayer for Abbey Way.

We will take on a simple approach. Each day there will be a prayer prompt with an accompanying scripture to help focus your prayer. These prayer prompts can be used for your own private prayer, household prayer or when you gather with others.

There also will be a prayer station added to our Sunday experience that will help us all stay connected in recording what we are praying about and naming those things we believe God is saying. 

I am convinced that we have not because we ask not; that there is truly power in prayer to change things but also to change us. So let us commit to join our hearts as one to pray.