During 2009, the last of the Covenant appropriations will be weaned from Abbey Way’s budget. The question we will answer in this year is: Are we willing to take up the responsibility to financially support what God is doing here?

What this means in practical terms is need for an overall increase in giving with an on-going dedication to learn what it means to become a tithing congregation. I sincerely believe if we all tithed to Abbey Way (gave a tenth of our income whether it be gross or take home) there would be more than enough for this year’s budget and to dream concretely about Abbey Way’s future. This year will test our dedication in very measurable ways.

As the country tightens its belt in fear of the future, let us reconsider our own dependence on God’s faithfulness.

Giving is a response to God’s goodness and provision. Giving helps to rightly order money’s place in our lives. Giving releases kingdom resources for the present and the future. Pray about your giving to Abbey Way and GIVE freely as you have received...

Thanks to all who give monetarily week in and week out. May God bless your sacrifice with His bounty.

“I will not give to God that which costs me nothing.”