One of the vows in Benedictine monasticism is the vow of conversatio morum - "fidelity to monastic life.' Which we have translated as "a commitment to being open to be transformed." As we commit to being formed to be more like Christ, it becomes increasingly clear that in as much as we can step in, Abbey Way is a gift for our transformation, "a training ground" for us as both learners and teachers.

A question that has been asked recently is how do we help/train our children to "see the other?" There are lots of opportunities for gentle teaching as well as gentle correction for all ages as we gather together on Sunday evenings (other times as well!). Many times we have been given the direction to be intentional about our interactions by pairing up "adult/child/adult/child." This not only serves to help guide the children but it gives us, as adults, a place to "see the other" and be open to the children around us. It is an attitude of the heart that can be transformational for us. It also provides an opportunity for us to walk in ways that model and teach about "seeing the other" even as we are actively doing it! It can become a place of transformation for both the child and the like the Kingdom of God! We are blessed even as we bless.

You are encouraged to continue to look for opportunities to allow your own formation to flourish in our context, even as you become actively engaged in the formation of each of the "others" with whom God has blessed us.

~ Tonya