Lent is special time at Abbey Way. It is a season of holy reflection where we consider what Jesus has done for us through His redemptive love. You are invited to be co-creators in making prayer installations for what is traditionally called the Stations of the Cross.

For those who are not familiar with this tradition here is one link explaining one church's approach.

Any media can be used: collage, diorama, photography, print,quilting, batik, symbol, sculpture, painting, drawing, etc. They can be a modern interpretation or literal one that is more congruent with the ancient story. The artwork needs to be portable and sturdy enough to be packable. Each station should be big enough to be seen but not so large it cannot be stored easily.

You will clearly need to label the station with the appropriate number as well as its description. Also, think of a question you want people to reflect on as they are with the station. Include the question also. 

If you are interested, let me know in the next few weeks or so. The stations will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. 

Yes, our children and youth can also participate. I would just ask they have adult guidance to help make their station congruent with its original meaning.

Please bring your completed station to church on or before Sunday, February 17. You will need to be willing to set your own station up and take them down each week to the Atrium where they will be stored. You will also need to keep them at Elim for the entirety of Lent. 

The stations are:

Last Supper - 

Agony in Gethsemani - 

Jesus before the Sanhedrin

Scourging and the crowning with thorns

Jesus receives the cross - 

Jesus falls under the weight of the cross - 

Simon of Cyrene carries the cross 

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem - 

Jesus is stripped of his garments - 

Jesus is nailed to the cross - 

The repentant thief - 

Mary and John at the foot of the Cross - 

Jesus dies on the cross - 

Jesus body is removed from the cross 

Jesus is laid in the tomb and covered in incense - 


Let me know if you have any questions. As always, this will be a wonderful expression of our life in God together.