Tonight I would like to invite you to hold a couple of questions as we go in to worship together. As I thought about these questions I was struck by how the individual and the communal aspects of them seem to play out in very interdependent ways. So, please consider how they apply to you as an individual, but then broaden how you look at the questions to consider how the individual ramifications may impact the whole.

1) What might it look like if we really counted the cost of FOLLOWING AFTER JESUS? Jesus asked his disciples to leave behind their desires, their will and their very life. What are we to leave behind? (personally and corporately)

2) How does Community show you WHO YOU ARE?
And what do we do about the things we may notice about WHO WE ARE?
(again, both personally and corporately)

And here is the Sr. Joan Chittister quote from the Speaking of Faith podcast:

“The Rule is a lifestyle…Here are your brothers and sisters - live with them, love them all - bring them all to life…we live in community because it is only community that really shows us who we are. WHO WE ARE. What irritates you? What bothers you? What don’t you want to do? Those are exactly the things that you need to work on today.”