A Heart Invitation

Charism - From the Greek, charis - grace; the divine influence on the receiver's heart, and its reflection in his or her life. It is a power, generally of a spiritual nature, believed to be a freely given gift by the grace of God. In the study of church matters, it also refers to the particular grace granted by God to religious organizations which distinguish them from other organizations within the same church.

As we continue to imagine forward in the life of our community, I invite you all to carry a prayer for our community in your heart. The prayer would be that together we would discover the charism, the call of God, on our community.

How will we serve God's kingdom in a manner that is set apart - all our own, a gift for us to carry to the world?

Who is the population God would have us serve out of our particular values?

What is the call God would ask us to give ourselves to?

If what we are doing is ultimately not for us, but for the glory of God and that others would see His love made manifest in their lives, we must listen well. Pray this prayer often, together we can hear where God is leading us.