The book we will be reading this Fall is entitled “Becoming Human” by Jean Vanier.

Jean Vanier of L’Arche is a wisdom figure of the twentieth-first century. His life among the poor and disabled shaped a rich experience and understanding of what it means to be human. As a professed friend of Jesus, his words reach across the great divide of modern bifurcated thinking to help give language to the compassionate kindness that connects us with each other.

As we turn the corner into September with a new book on the horizon, Abbey Way’s Book Club is open for new members. We gather on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-8:30 PM. We begin with a shared meal and then discuss a chapter from the book. To participate, you are expected to have read and reflected on the chapter for the week before arriving. You will be asked to name one scripture story or text that reflects more deeply on the chapter’s meaning for you. Also, be ready to tell one story of your own experience related to the chapter’s topic.

The chapters are:

September 11: Introduction & Loneliness

September 25: Belonging

October 9: From Exclusion to Inclusion: A Path of Healing

October 23: The Path to Freedom

November 6: Forgiveness

Please RSVP to Pastor Jan and Missy Haack by Monday, September 7 if you plan on joining this study.

If you would like to hear a little from Jean Vanier’s own voice, listen here.