Inspired by our time at Work and Worship (AKA Ora et Labora), it is time (drum roll please) to resurrect the prayer book project! The idea is to do the book in sections that match each of the liturgical seasons. There will be Morning, Midday and Vespers prayer for each day of the week with a simple Compline prayer included that highlights each theme of the liturgical calendar.

The format will be like our camp prayer book which will make it accessible to use for everyone.  

If you have a favorite prayer or psalm, send them to We will be collecting suggestions over the next few months. The goal would be to have the Advent Prayer Book done for the start of the season.

As soon as the book(s) are formatted, we will need some readers/editors to do the proofing. Let Pastor Jan know if you can help.

It is a big project but hopefully it can be done in bite size pieces! Here is to inspired prayer Abbey Way style!