From Cov Magazine:

A special fund has been established for Covenanters to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Following is a statement from the Love Mercy Do Justice mission priority:

Hurricane Harvey is causing unprecedented and catastrophic flooding in southeastern and south-central Texas. With 62 counties under Texas’s disaster declaration, widespread evacuations, 316,000 power outages, and more than 2,000 water rescues since Sunday evening thus far, the damage will be of historic proportions.

The Love Mercy Do Justice mission priority in concert with the Midsouth Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church and Covenant World Relief are partnering to meet immediate needs along the Gulf Coast. Together we can be a part of helping to alleviate the pain and suffering of those most immediately affected through the provision of evacuation assistance, temporary shelter, food, water, and other felt needs.

The generous giving of Covenanters will enable the church to continue to respond as long-term recovery efforts are launched. We are committed to standing alongside Covenant churches and their partners on the ground in this time of urgent need.

Please pray for the churches of the Midsouth Conference and their surrounding communities, which have been affected by the storm. Please visit the giving page to give to Hurricane Harvey Relief. As this is an initial response, we will provide details regarding specific areas of care in the days ahead, particularly as the flooding subsides and needs on the ground can be more clearly assessed.