By Steve Burger

CHICAGO, IL (August 15, 2016) – Let’s admit it up front—as much as we want to help raise our children spiritually, sometimes we feel too intimidated, too uncreative, and occasionally just too tired. We fear not knowing how to answer their questions or think we’re just not exciting enough to help them engage.

Fortunately, entering into God’s word with children doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead of seeing the Bible as a textbook or a bunch of stories, we can think of it as a dwelling place with God. We have a creative God who deeply loves us, and Covenant Community Bible Experience provides tools to enter into God’s word in ways that engage children.

These simple-to-use CBE family resources create space to reflect, grow, and celebrate life together with God. They can take a few minutes before bed, used in the car, at the dinner table or make for a fun family evening together. Here are just a few examples of what you will find online.

  • Audio Bible segments for children
  • How to read the Bible with children
  • How to engage in faith and life conversations
  • A story booklet for children to write or draw their adventure story with God
  • Creative ways to pray and enter into the Bible

Covenant Community Bible Experience is coming this fall, but you can go online to download the resources and begin using them now. Then as your church enters into the CBE experience, you and your family will be ready to jump in as well.

Steve Burger is the director of children, family, and intergenerational ministries for the ECC’s Make and Deepen Disciples team.