Dear To Dance With God Participants,

As we read in preparation to get together to discuss "To Dance With God, " please us this handout to help capture your impressions and thoughts from your reading. This is not an assignment but given to assist you in applying the reading to your own story and learning. Feel free to use it as it is most helpful to you.

More importantly, we will use the following method to organize and capture our reading and consequent discussion:


(Adapted from Bob Stromberg's work)

Grasp: As you read, pay attention to what stands out to you, and the emotion you experience along with it.

Interrogate: Reflect, Spend time wondering what lies beneath that emotion and where it comes from within you.

Transform: Is there an invitation that arises from the relationship between your noticing and feeling? Is there somewhere/something this leads you to? What is that?

When we are together, we will share one or two noticing/emotions with each other and discuss/ponder together what transformation might look like. 

We hope that this will help focus our time together. We are looking forward to it!

Pastor Jan and Jaime