Last year at our Annual General Meeting, we talked about the Leadership Team's objective to continue to plan for our future as a church (i.e., strategic planning process). The objective includes the development of a five-year strategic plan with emphasis on the following three sub-objectives:

  • Work towards stable financial health 
  • Work towards a comprehensive discernment process to help us continually move forward as a community 
  • Work towards a Christ centered healthy community

In response to this overall objective, we are making time to delve into what the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) calls the 10 Healthy Missional Markers to help create space to talk about what a healthy missional church looks like. Pastoral Associate Laura and Pastor Jan will help teach and lead some of the teaching along with visiting leaders from the conference and national Covenant offices along with our friend Steph Williams from Mill City Church.

So why are the markers important? Here is what the ECC's website says:

"It is hard to measure spirituality.  Some say it is even unwise to do so.  Yet when we look at the New Testament, the disciples are coaching churches forward.  They are using a frame of reference of what a vital congregation looks like.

Jesus himself is speaking to the churches in Revelation (chapters 2 and 3) about their own strengths and weaknesses.  One of the ministries of the Holy Spirit is to guide churches into telling the truth about themselves, not just telling the truth about Jesus.  In the Bible, evaluation is normal and natural.

Although there is no perfect list that describes a healthy missional church, we in the Covenant are using the ten healthy missional markers.  By “healthy” we mean pursuing Christ.  By “missional” we mean pursuing Christ’s priorities in the world.  It is our fervent prayer that every Covenant church becomes a healthy missional church.  These markers help us to listen to the Holy Spirit…so that our ears are open to what Jesus is saying to each church....."

In addition to our Sunday teaching and discussions, we will open Monday evenings from 7-8:30 pm in Elim's Prayer Room for more conversation and prayer together. These gatherings will begin on Monday, September 21st. Contact Jan by 3 pm on the Monday in which you will be coming so we can know you are coming.