A number of times in the last six months or so the question has been poised to me about creating a small group for married couples at Abbey Way for the continued formation and nurture of their relationship. In response to this request, Christine Osgood from The Urban Retreat is willing to offer the group they normally do throughout the year "in house" for Abbey Way. We are in process to see if we have enough married couples from Abbey Way to host an "in house" group. At least four couples are needed with a group maximum of six couples. At the moment we have two couples with a number of others expressing interest.

The cost would be $50 a session per couple. The commitment would be for eight months. There would be homework assigned for each month to do together.

The topics for discussion would be:

First month: Your Story Past

Second month: Expectations

Third month: Suffering

Fourth month: The Dark Night(s)

Fifth month: Faith

Sixth month: Hope

Seventh month: Love

Eight month: Your Story Future


Christine Osgood from The Urban Retreat will be with us on Sunday, October 25 to tell more about The Urban Retreat and this particular group experience. Until then, if you are interested in participating, please let Pastor Jan know.