Pancake Tuesday

Join us for Pancake Tuesday, March 5 from 6 - 7 PM at Jess and Andy's home as we prepare to enter into the season of Lent as a faith community through the annual indulgence in yummy pancakes.

Bring a prepared protein (sausages, bacon, egg dish, chopped nuts, peanut butter) for 10-12 people and a small portion of a fruit topping for the pancakes. 

RSVP here.

We will gather outside for the Burning of the Palms Prayer at 7 PM in preparation for Ash Wednesday.

Weather Cancellations?

When weather threatens, a consultation will be made with members of the Leadership Team whether or not a cancellation will occur. Things like Winter Weather Advisories and Warnings issued by the National Weather Service are taken into consideration. When a cancellation is issued, it will be on this page of the website with a goal of posting the information by 8:30 AM on Sunday.

If you are ever wondering if a cancellation has occurred, check here first and if nothing is posted, feel free to call a member of the staff.

If you are scheduled to serve at Hope Avenue on day of or day after a big snow fall, contact Pastor Laura directly for the latest information.

Parking on urban streets can be challenging when the snow depths are deep. Here is a link to Minneapolis Snow Season parking information.

Only 24 Hours

Years ago when Abbey Way was just a whisper of thought, I had the opportunity to be in conversation with the Benedictine sisters at St. Benedict’s Monastery. One of the most lasting memories I have of those visits was the continuous refrain of instruction given to me that went like this: “You only have twenty-four hours. For each thing you add to your day, you will need to take something out. What will that be?” I was surprised by this practical instruction. Of all the things that could be said to me in this crucial juncture of my life, this unexpected wisdom came to me over and over again through each nun I met. Later in my study of the Rule of Benedict, it became obvious to me where this principled approach to one’s day (and one’s life) originated from: Benedict himself.

I have utilized this wisdom to think about my days and to help others from time to time (when they will listen that is). I remember a particular conversation I had with someone a number of years back. In taking on a rather daunting task that would require hours of their days for a number of years, I asked them, “What will you be giving up?” “Nothing,” they replied, “It won’t be that much more.” Surprised by their lack of mathematical prowess of addition and subtraction of the time needed in their newly chosen commitment, I said—repeating what I had been taught—“We all only have twenty-four hours.”

I have come to believe the Benedictine wisdom comes from an embrace of one’s humanity. We can be lulled into believing that the limits of our energy and time are for other people and not us. We can lose focus that we too have our days numbered for us and only twenty-four hours in each one.

A “Rule of Life” is a tool that helps us to step back into the sacred observer position to give us perspective on “what is” and “what we desire to be.”

First though you have to take inventory of your days. Here are two collages that I created years ago to show life “as is.” You can do this many different ways but in these mosaics each color represents some aspect of my life. I like seeing the color and pattern. It helps me step back and notice things I normally can’t when I just write words down on a page.

Rule of Life 2006
Rule of Life 2007

Now you can make lists or draw pictures or look at your daily calendar to begin. Do what works for you. But the point is to begin. Here is another way of thinking about the same principle of ordering one’s days. (It is creative and fun!)

Once you have taken an inventory, then you can begin the process of reflection. Here is a helpful resource written by my friend Heather Monkmeyer. I encourage you to be playful with the process but be honest with yourself. Let us “number our days” with courage and intentionality as we desire to keep on discovering the good way of our Lord.

Work and Worship (Ora et Labora) 2019

Here it is. You know it is coming. Take time today to register for our all church getaway over Memorial Weekend as we help Covenant Pines (our camp!) in MacGregor get ready for summer. The dates are May 24-26. Don’t delay!

Abbey Way Lessons: At the Time of Death

I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:38-39

Important conversations concerning death sometimes never happen. We can be too frightened or too busy to press into talking about what might be our own or our loved ones dying needs when the end of life comes. We need to make space to do this holy work. To this end, we are creating a place to begin the conversation. Through teaching, reflection and dialogue, we will walk with grace and compassion in naming our personal intentions as they are for us today.

Workshop Leaders: Rev. Jan Bros, Abbey Way Covenant Church & Caroline White, LCSW

When: Friday, February 22-Saturday, February 23

Where: TBA

Cost: Free will offering



7:00. Overview of Workshop

7:15. Watch Video “Being Mortal”

8:15. De-brief Video

8:45. Compline

9:00. Dismissal


8:30. Coffee and Treats

9:00. Morning Prayer

9:15. Introductory Teaching

9:30. Choose One: Funeral/Memorial Service Planning OR Health Directive/ Final Desires Letter Teaching

10:00. Quiet Reflection for Both Groups

11:00. De-Brief in Group

11:30. Final Thoughts and Prayer

Noon. Dismissal

Register by February 15 so we can plan an appropriately sized location.

Women's Retreat Registration Now Open

Calling all women of Abbey Way. It is time to register for this year’s Women’s Retreat at the St. John’s Guest House scheduled for March 15-17. The retreat will begin at 5 PM on Friday and then be finished at 9 AM Sunday in time to be back for worship at Abbey Way on Sunday. Friday evening dinner is included. The retreat will have a gentle rhythm of quiet, rest, connection and prayer. Good food for the soul and the body will be served.

Register online by February 20. (Please note: Retreat fees are considered payment for service and are not tax deductible.)

Any questions ask Pastor Jan.