Where Breathing is Prayer ~ Wendell Berry

Sit and be still
until in the time
of no rain you hear
beneath the dry wind's
commotion in the trees
the sound of flowing
water among the rocks,
a stream unheard before,
and you are where
breathing is prayer.

The Church Calendar 101

Advent is the beginning of the church year. Here is a short video on the structure of the liturgical calendar.

An Offering from Ecclesiastes' Wisdom

“Sometimes we get caught up with life. So let’s remember that our lives are fleeting. Let us give generously with meaningful purpose and let go of what holds us down in fear.”

-Andy McLean

Advent Sing-a-long

Advent Image 2018.jpg

An Advent sing-a-long celebration is being planned for Tuesday, December 4th at the Haacks’ home in South Minneapolis. We will gather for a shared meal at 6 PM with singing to follow. Children are welcome to attend. RSVP here.

Concert Friday


Our friends Steve and Heidi have a new album with a Album Release Show on Friday, November 2nd at 7:30 PM. They will be playing at The Parkway Theater, 4814 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis.

They want you to know you are all invited!