Good connection. Good laughter. Good conversation. Good God.

Our groups meet all through out the year. Some are for study. Others are for fellowship. Some have children included; others do not. But all in all they are places where our faith is practiced and relationships are built and we discover together God’s good way.

Want to begin a group? Every group needs a vision, leader (that's you!?), and plan.

Here is a document to help you get started.


A little Abbey Way group history for all you historians out there...

Here is a list of some of the groups that have been a part of our shared life


Home Fellowship Groups: Chapter House (2006-18) 


Book / Video Studies: Making Room (2006), The Rule of St. Benedict, Insight for the Ages (2007-8), Inhabiting the Church (2008), Writing the Sacred Journey (2010), Alive Again (2012), Learning to Walk in the Dark (2013), Spiritual Parenting Group (2013-14), Making Sense of the Cross (2014), Lost in Wonder (2015), To Dance with God (2016), Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (2017), Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Women (2017), Living into Community (2017-18), The Road Back to You (2018), A Good Time for the Truth (2018), Clinging: The Experience of Prayer (2018), Braving the Wilderness (2018), Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I Loved (2018), Surprised by Hope (2019), Forgive and Forget (2019), Let Your Life Speak (2019), The Dance of Connection (2019), Becoming Human (2019)

Bible Studies: Community Bible Experience (NT) (2016), Ruth (2017), I John (2017), Grace and Grit (2018), Poets (NT) (2018), Human Sexuality and in the New Testament (2019)


Practices: Spiritual Direction Groups (2006-2019), Intercessory Prayer Group (2010-12), DoxaSoma (2011-13), Journaling (2018)

UPCOMING STUDIES: Enneagram (2020)