"Holy Week is beginning again, and here I am once more, feeling so unadjusted to it, so utterly inadequate. Not that 'heart of stone' feeling, simply the sense of being completely out of proportion—something momentous, like the Niagara Falls is thundering down, right beside me, and-there I stand, with a thimble in my hand, and I’m supposed to dip in and collect something, catch it up, assimilate it, reacting properly, goodness knows how. But if you hold a cup under a waterfall, it’s not only knocked out of your hand, but empty to boot: the rushing, tumbling water simply rebounds...I’m standing as near as I can get to the cataract...and I know very well that one step nearer and I'll be caught up and swept away. But maybe this helpless state of just standing aside, this overpowering sense of not being able to do anything about it is the only sort of adoration I’m allowed just now."

-Ida Gorres, Catholic Author