It was a day infused with hope. On November 11th we gathered for an All Church Workshop, using the Compass Exercise to help guide our conversation and questions about where Abbey Way is at in this juncture of our life together. We took time to reflect and pray, to notice and name. We found ourselves predominately in the South East, with a couple affirming nods to the North. South is the “direction of sunny exposure where we find energy, imagination, spontaneity, and play.” East is “the direction of the rising sun. The direction of new beginnings.” We heard what felt like God’s word to us through Craig as he described a plant growing with buds appearing and the gentle reminder that there’s no need to touch it. Let it be. It’s doing its thing.

We took time to touch on the West as well—the place of the setting sun, the direction of endings. There are places in our hearts where grief remains. We continue to learn how to hold one another well with these vulnerable places and go to God with them. Ken shared that it’s natural and normal for the sun to set because it then rises for someone else. His words gleamed with grace as we considered the setting of the sun.

What’s the take away?

Be encouraged!

God is at work among us. As we look to the North, we are reminded that Jesus Christ is our guiding Light, and with our life centered in him we are becoming a people of welcome, safety, and encouragement for others. Praise be to God.

-Pastor Laura Van Norman