Yesterday I flew back from Chicago after meeting for two days with the Evangelical Covenant Church's Commission on Biblical Gender Equality. I usually come back energized by many new thoughts and lively conversations. This time was no exception. Yet it was different because I came back with new appreciation for Abbey Way and all that God is doing in and with us through the years. I also came back with songs and prayers on my heart that seem to bubble from the unseen depths. 

Wanting to capture what seems like the Spirit's movement, I have been busy posting new songs on Abbey Way's Slack account that we use to communicate between staff on our every day to do lists, projects and ideas. As I posted possible new worship tunes, I scrolled our list and was blown away by the wealth of song ideas that are already present. Many of the songs we have sung but many are just there waiting for the right moment to be used. It is a beautiful reflection on the palette of color in our worship life at Abbey Way that is available to us each week when we gather.

Last night a bunch of Abbey Way-ers recorded background vocals for some of Abbey Way's original music. I am so excited to hear our first "produced" recordings of new songs. We have talked about this desire for many years and it is finally happening. When it is available, I will let you know!

So many new songs sprouting out all around. For this I am so very grateful.

+ Jan Bros