When was the last time Scripture grabbed you? Ruffled your feathers? Disrupted your thinking? 

It happened to me last Monday. I read Luke 8:26-39, thought about it awhile, and feathers were ruffled. It also caused some questions to arise in me that perhaps you’ve wondered too:

What do I think about the supernatural? About demons, angels, Satan? Was Jesus really casting out a Legion, an army, of demons from a man? Can people today be demon possessed? Was demon-possession simply an understandable explanation for the man’s behavior in a 1st century context? Are there more trustworthy psychological and rational explanations for similar crazy behavior today? Why does the conversation about the supernatural and its place in Scripture and our lives matter?

If you find yourself wondering about the supernatural after this week’s sermon, I would recommend to you a couple of resources:

 “Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views” by James K. Beilby and Paul

Rhodes Eddy

 A conversation with Pastor Jan or Associate Pastor Laura #withyouinthewondering

May you have a close encounter with living Word as you seek and wonder.

- Associate Pastor Laura