When was the last time you had a wondrous encounter with God?

Now by wondrous I don't mean ethereal happiness and mystical delight. That would us set up for potential disappointment. Some may preach that all our God encounters must be glorious (insert the word wondrous) mountain top experiences. With them, I disagree. God comes to us not in the bright and beautiful but also in the misty and mundane. It is our expectation that can get in the way of our naming the experience as a holy encounter.

I think every encounter with God is wondrous but we may need some help recognizing his presence with us.

This summer we will be exploring some the wondrous encounters Jesus had with people as he walked the earth some two thousand years ago through the Gospel of Luke. All of those encounters were not pretty. All of those encounters were not pleasant. But yet, Jesus was there, shepherding his people, healing their souls and calling them to live wondrously lives of abundance. As we reflect on those experiences, hopefully we will learn some new ways God is comes to us now..and that my friends is truly wondrous!!