June has arrived with a bit of whimper after a glorious few days of summer promise. Life is sometimes like that. A promise shines momentarily and then diminishes only to return with a new season of change.

With the start of this month, comes a new beginning for Abbey Way. For almost ten years we have been meeting on Sunday evening to share prayer, a meal and worship together. This particular rhythm of shared community has served us well, shaping and forming us into what we are today. But as with most things of life ends must come so new life can emerge. This is the threshold we find ourselves at these days. With Sunday's arrival will come a new rhythm that will entail waking up earlier with--maybe--a fresh less worn out perspective with Sunday morning light reflecting off of our faces. Yes, some of it will require a letting go of things past but other things will be very, very good as we embrace goodness of the future now shared.

I like new rhythms. I like the promise they bear. I am hopeful that this place of beginning again will be a harbinger of God's nearness to us. This summer we will be exploring the theme "Close Encounter of the Wondrous Kind" from the lectionary Gospel lessons of Luke. I anticipate fresh insight of the ways that Jesus is close to us as we talk about these texts together. I have yet to dig into them but now is the time, today is the day. 

This blog will be an account of summer reflections. If you want to add to these reflections, you are welcome to join in posting. 

Until tomorrow...

Christ's peace.